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  • Shared Stories of Real Abuses Warnings

    Warnings: these are real stories of the horrific abuses millions suffer through every day. The details may at times be graphic, and very upsetting to sensitive readers. We know survivors may relive their abuse experiences, so urge caution when reading these accounts. All others should be upset that these events happen daily, in silence, often never being told to anyone for decades.

    We do not allow the naming of your abusers, but very strongly encourage you expose them through the proper channels, the legal system, and will support you through the process.

    All posts are made with annomynity, this ensures your safety and security when sharing your story. 

    We do take libel seriously. That is 1 reason we do not alow naming your abusers here. Any stories shared that are determined to be untrue will be dealt with strictly.

    Only post your own personal experiences, and do not use a real name, or anything that might identify you and put you at risk.