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If you are currently being abused and in danger, please clear your browser history after visiting this site, and we recommend The Brave Browser so your internet activity does not increase your danger.
  • Abuse Escape Safe Houses

    Escaping abuse is often as scary as the abuse itself, you may feel you have nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, and feel you will be found no matter where you run. The prospects of shelters and group homes also can be scary, places where your last few belongings might be stolen.

    We offer a better solution. Real homes, real caring environments, a return to normalcy, with safety and security.

    Most importantly, we offer a way to truly escape, disappear, and not be found. None of our safe houses in our safety net are listed anywhere. The locations will never be exposed. 

    If you would like to open your home to someone in desperate need of escape apply to become a safe house here .

    To begin the process of escaping abuse simply fill out the form below, or for immediate help call this number: (ADD LATER)